Camo Weeds Monogrammed Drawstring Backpack

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Our stylish Monogrammed Drawstring Backpacks are perfect for kids of all ages, from Elementary School to College! They work great as a Gym Bag, Sports Bag, Overnight Bag, or the traditional Backpack.  THey make great gifts too!

We use a commercial grade 6-needle embroidery machine for perfect stitching and style every time - no manufacturer does our work for us - it's all done in-house! So rest assured we are handling your order personally!  Also, we use only top quality embroidery makes the difference!

Our Monogrammed Drawstring Backpacks are made of strong canvas with sturdy drawstrings for long lasting use.  

DETAILS (Standard Size):

  • Size: 15" L x 18.5" H
  • Backpack Style
  • Drawstring/Shoulder Strap Closure