Luggage / Bag Tags

Make your luggage easy to find wherever you go with custom luggage tags.  Add your name and identification to make sure your luggage is returned to you if lost, or add your initials so you can easily recognize your bag.  Each set includes two durable circle tags with key rings that attach to any zipper, making it easy to mark suitcases, camera bags, backpacks, duffle bags, computer bags and many more.

Whether you are traveling by bus, in an airport, around campus, with friends or by yourself, luggage tags help to distinguish your bags during hectic traveling times, ensuring your most valuable items aren’t picked up by mistake.  With dozens of patterns to choose from and complete color and font customization, you can add a touch of your own distinctive style to your bags to make them unmistakable.  Bubblegum Basic’s vibrant patterns and designs are especially helpful for identifying kid’s bags when traveling.

Select your preferred style and colors to start designing your custom tags.  Add your initials, name, address, phone number or other information and order tags for yourself, friends or loved ones.