Out of Warranty Replacement - COMMUTER

$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Is your Bubblegum Basics Monogrammed OtterBox® Commuter® case broken? Is it past our 4-month warranty period?  If so, then consider our Out Of Warranty Replacement option.  By purchasing this option we will replace your broken phone case with a brand new case printed with the same design.  This option is also available for customers that purchased the wrong phone case for their type of phone (i.e. purchasing an iPhone 6s case when you needed an iPhone 6s Plus case, or vice versa).  

Shipping is $5.00.  Our Out of Warranty Replacment option comes with a new 4-month warranty as well.  To take advantage of this option you MUST use the same design as the original order.  No substitute designs please.