Quatrefoil Monogram Luggage / Bag Tag (Set of 2)

$3.75 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Introducing the Monogram Luggage / Bag Tag by Bubblegum Basics™.   Whether you're at the airport, on campus, or just tooling around town... Do it in style with these fun and practical tags!

Made of a high quality hard plastic, our set of two Circle Tags are 4" in diameter and 3/32" thick.  Using a unique and permanent printing process, your design is embedded into the plastic.  These are not laminated or stickers.  They are heavy duty and made to last!

Double sided printing allows you to choose if you want your monogram on both sides, or choose one side for a message, address or phone number. Includes a plastic tag loop for attaching.  

Great for luggage, camera bags, travel bags, backpacks, gym bags, laptop bags, diaper bags and MUCH more.

These are also GREAT for kids backpacks and sports bags.  Don't forget to check out our JUST FOR KIDS section to see our kids-only Bag Tags!

SOLD IN A SET OF 2 (both tags are the same).

  • Typical Production Time: 7 to 10 business days.  
  • Adding a proof can be a smart choice if you are unsure of the pattern and color choices you have made.  They cost extra and add 1 to 2 days to the production time, but provide peace of mind.
  • Please be aware that colors vary slightly due to different monitors and printer calibration.
  • We copy/paste exactly how it is entered in the LETTERING field above.  Please remember that if ordering a 3-initial monogram, the middle letter is the last name initial.  (first initial, last initial, middle initial; Ex. For 'Stacy Ann Johnson', you would input as 'sJa')